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New Year Plans 2019

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Well, y'all, I'm busy and tired.

I'm supposed to start this post with a fired up enthusiasm about all the projects I'm working on and how I'm gonna be awesome and do a great job! But today? Today I do not have that for you.

Here's what I have for you, in the immediate.

I'm working on interviews with Epidiah Ravachol on Wolfspell and Becky Annison on Bite Me! so once those are finished up we'll have something to howl about. I don't actually have further interviews on the docket, but I'll work on it. I always do.

(As a reminder, the best way to get interviews here is to encourage your favorite creators to go to my contact page and send me an email with the info! That cuts out like three emails worth of information exchange and shows me they're excited to be interviewed. Plus, it makes sure that you - my readers - see what you want to see. You can also help me do more interviews and posts of all kinds by supporting via Patreon and sending tips via PayPal or ko-fi! Note: I don't think I'm charging for this post, even though it took a while.)

I have some other posts in mind, like one talking in detail about the updates I've done to Script Change, reviews of a product or two, and so on. It would be cool to know if you have interest in anything, as a lot of the time I'm running on my own ideas here and I don't even know if you're enjoying the posts sometimes! With the ending of G+, this will get even harder for me to gauge. Please comment, share and tag me, and so on!

Speaking of comments, I'm looking at a move to Wordpress since G+ is dying and I have no idea what will happen with comments here, plus the site has been kind of wonky. It's gonna cost money and time, like a lot of it, so it may be a while.

On the games front, I'm currently working on a number of projects. Some of them are personal, some are professional, and all of them have unique challenges. The issue is, few are having successes, at least by my count.

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First and foremost is Turn, my game I Kickstarted in October, which I'm in the production phase for. Now that the Kickstarter is done and we're into production, aside from a few blips on the radar, all positive feedback has ceased. I've also had to deal with a ton of financial stuff that's very hard for me, our beast artist had to step down so we had to replace them, and my own experience going through the editing process has been rough. Some of this was expected, some of it was not! 

This is hard! It's also exhausting. Especially when I have to dig into my work each day and I find myself questioning all of my decisions, my ability to do my job, and my ability to make this work. 

Second, I'm working on Leading with Class. It's not a game, but it's about games, and we have a ton of work to do on it. We can always use more support over on Patreon to help us reach our goals, and some enthusiasm for the project would be something nice to see. I want to do more with it! Or, at least meet our base goals!

Third, I'm also working carefully or not-working-right-now on a number of other games of varying sizes:

Posers - This is currently at a halt as I can't figure out the right form factor, which has locked up my design. It's a game about performing masculinity, and has a weird knot-tying/untying resolution mechanic. No idea when I'll be working on this in earnest.

At the Lake by Morning - This is a game inspired loosely by Annihilation and is supposed to use water and a mirror in the mechanics, which is going to take some fiddling. I want to explore some feelings I got from the film, significantly looking at self-forgiveness and change. It's new.

The Unhurried Pursuit of Sloth - This I have all the ideas for, just gotta start digging into the mechanics. It won't start in earnest until Turn's finished. It's a game about taking it slow and self-communion.

Laser Kittens Octopus Hack - I've been signed on with Glittercats Fine Amusements to write an octopus themed Laser Kittens hack, which involves the octopus being brought into a marine science lab and (perhaps!) escaping. I'm putting down the first bits of it soon. Glittercats awesomely chose to keep the lights on, so my energy can be more easily directed at this. I'm gonna do my best.

Eldrich Inkling - This is a two-player investigation game where one player sets a cosmic horror story for another, played by mail. It mostly requires research, which takes time, especially with my brain.

Tribute - I recently decided to withdraw Tribute from the Gauntlet Codex as the game is based largely in processing loss of love, and my grief (related to my grandmother's death) won't allow me to publish it through someone else, and won't let me finish it until I resolve some things. It's strong, but there is something missing. It may have to wait until spring - if it does happen at all. I hope it does.
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And that doesn't touch my home projects - specifically, the be-a-better-person & be-healthier projects. Which, you know what, are just as important as my deadlines! I'm currently doing physical & speech therapy for my concussion recovery, plus diving back into psych therapy to help treat my bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, and various related troubles. The PT+speech takes up a minimum of 10 hours of appointments, home work, and recovery from those appointments and home work each week - that's not counting the normal days I have symptoms from my concussion, or dealing with insurance. With my existing disabilities on top... yeah.

Psych therapy is going slower, but is a lot of emotional work. When you go through cognitive type therapy, you can find you get stronger while simultaneously becoming more sensitive and delicate. Those aren't words I like for myself, but there they are. I'm working on myself as much as I can, while trying to avoid the daggers that are the world - and they are such sharp daggers, and so many! I wish they were something softer.

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I guess where I'm at right now is like, yeah, 2019, lots of plans. Loads of things I have to do, things I want to do, things I'm struggling to do. And hopefully more on the way. I want to be more successful, to help provide for John and me to have a happy life. I just feel like I keep hitting setbacks, and Thoughty can be a casualty of that - it is hard to do this and do everything else and survive. You can bet your bottom I'm trying to reinvest all of this struggle and pain into games and Thoughty - just gotta filter it, refine it, and find a place for it.

I hope that you'll stick with me as I keep making things and keep asking questions. I also hope you'll do those things, too!

And hey, take care of yourselves. It helps me believe that I can make it when we aren't all falling apart together! Let's build each other up, and build a better year.

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