Friday, November 9, 2018

What is the future?

Turn is currently doing wonderfully, just short of funding and 21 days to go! We just announced international shipping, and I'm very excited for what is yet to come in stretch goals and work I do after the game is live!

But I need to talk about the future, because mine is uncertain.

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As many people know, in November of 2018 I had a car accident. I fell asleep while driving my car in a parking garage and hit my head and wrenched my shoulder. When I went to the hospital, they said I had a mild concussion and shoulder sprain, and advised me to follow up with a doctor if I had any significant symptoms.

I was in grad school, so most of the symptoms of bad concussion issues were able to be dismissed as burnout, for me. I didn't mean to do it, but I was cramming hard and desperate to get through school, while struggling with one challenging job and another job that really challenged my now-addled brain. By the time I was nearing finals in the next semester, I had been struggling with concussion symptoms - genuine brain injury symptoms - for months.

I found tons of typos in work I was reviewing - my own work, where typos were normally rare at worst. I was getting carsick while driving, and had gotten dizzy after seeing Black Panther, slipped and bumped my head in two places on my car door. The dizziness, nausea, and unfocused confusion were too much, so I went to the concussion clinic. They confirmed my fears, that it was worse than expected, and also that my delaying it had made recovery longer - and possibly less likely.

I did physical therapy from May to September, before I ran out of car insurance funds. I still do the exercises at home. I thought I was improving, and I have at least somewhat. But...

When preparing the Kickstarter for Turn, I let John take a look at the draft, and he pointed out many errors. The kind of thing that shouldn't really be an issue for a functioning brain that's working well, you know, like swapped words, nonsense sentence structure, and so on. Some of it seemed like gibberish. I didn't even notice! He had to review it for me.

Reflecting on it, I reviewed a variety of my work. I read my recent submission to Return to the Stars, and how many confusing edits there had been, because I didn't even recall the disorganized things I had written.  I read my work on thatlittleitch, which is unedited, and how my sentence structure is even more confusing and inelegant than before the accident. Many things I have written, I have forgotten, or don't recall clearly, and if they aren't edited, they're often confusing, especially if they are longer.

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I had an appointment coming up with my concussion clinic doctor, who expressed that like we had known, my delayed treatment combined with comorbidity of a variety of my illnesses (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, PTSD, bipolar) will make recovery harder. But, if I'm still having issues with confusion and language, it could be a greater concern. So, I was assigned speech therapy (alongside physical therapy for my shoulder, which hasn't healed). I can't have that appointment until December, because they don't have space for me.

My doctor basically explained that this could continue to be a grueling process. They don't know if I will ever be back to what I was before. They want to ensure I can continue working, but if speech therapy isn't effective, we will run out of options pretty quickly. And even if it works, it's a long process, with unreliable results.

What does this mean?

Turn may be my last large project. I can still fulfill the work, absolutely, but we baked in extra time for what is to be done. I have a freelance project to fulfill for Orun, which I'm going to be advising them may involve a little more editing than planned (but I hope not). But going forward, I may max out at 1000 words for a given project, or just take a lot more time, and I can only ask editors to do so much work.

Pretty much everything I've been working on is going to be more limited, require more oversight. It's exhausting to imagine, and I feel broken. This is part of why Turn has felt so desperate to me - what if I never make something amazing again? What if this it? And while I do my best to ensure I have good editing, the process will be harder. I don't know if I can put myself through a super hard process every time I want to make something. And I don't know if I'll ever get better.

So, this is basically just a post to explain the situation. It's me trying to find a way to say "hey, my brain is damaged, and I may never be the same again, so I hope you don't desert me, and I hope you understand that I am doing the best I can."

I'm trying. But, after this Kickstarter, things may be different. Er, well, they will be different - I just don't know how. I hope you'll stick with me.

Love to you all <3

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