Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Turn in Final Days

Turn is in its final days on Kickstarter!

The project ends near midnight on November 30th. As I look at it now, I wish I had left in an extra day or two, because we may be coming up short of some of the stretch goals. But, I'm glad that we've come so far!

Right now we are looking at Meguey Baker's Smeed Hill stretch goal,
Smeed Hill will explore a town cut in half by closing mills, then closing schools, and now empty storefronts on Main Street and overgrown houses in the hills. There are still opportunities, but also needs that have yet to be met. Meguey has proposed adding a squirrel and a skunk to the available beast archetypes, wonderful new additions to a small town!

Like the other stretch goals, Smeed Hill will introduce some local NPCs to help your story along, a new town type, new beast archetypes, and a new or altered human role.
It sounds like a wonderful town!

We're also in the running for the 525 backers challenge I issued last night! If we reach 525 backers, I'll release The Confidante,
You don't ask for much in life, just for some peace and quiet, and for people to listen to you once in a while. Well, nobody seems in on that plan, so you spend most of your days hearing pieces of everybody's secrets, even through walls. And yet, no one listens when you cry "wolf!" Though, maybe that's a good thing.
Just a sneak peek!

For the stretch goals that we don't reach, I still hope to pursue them in the future, it just depends on whether I can get the funds together, because I still want to pay people fairly! I want to release Gerrit's Halver, Germany ($18k) and Jaye Foster's Harmouth, South Devon ($20k), and my own work-in-progress, a Moose, which has been a secret goal for $20k for a while. What it means if we don't reach them is that they will take more time, and be dependent on things like future sales and success.

a bearded man using a tablet and a clipboard while on the phone
Much like the Overachiever, I'll be juggling a lot trying to make it happen.
However, hope ain't just a theme for way stations! We still have over 50 hours to make every bit of this happen that we can. So share, support as you can, and continue to have enthusiasm for Turn! If you can back, that's just swell. If not, raising awareness - especially on different social media and sites - makes a huge difference to Turn's success!

Thank you SO much for any support you have given and any you continue to give! 

Check out Turn on Kickstarter today!

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