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If you're interested in being interviewed or featured for Thoughty, email with your

  • name,
  • pronouns,
  • project or topic,
  • website (if applicable),
  • project links (if applicable),
  • brief topic/project description, 
  • where you heard about Thoughty (optional), and/or,
  • if interested in doing a guest post, explain your reasons.
If you're tackling a difficult subject, real life experiences, or historical content, please give me an idea what kind of research you're doing to cover these subjects. My standards on these things have increased, and while I still might interview people without research for their projects, I want to make people aware it is something I will ask about, and will consider, so it's better to say it ahead of time. See here on some steps to do before you make a game about stories that aren't yours.

I am happy to review products! However, I cannot guarantee a positive review, nor can I guarantee I will review a product in a given time frame. If you want me to review a game or product, you can e-mail me at and pitch the product. It will definitely help if you provide me with the product to review it, otherwise I can't guarantee I'll be able to afford buying it to review.

All opinions stated in interviews are the opinions of the interviewees and do not directly reflect my opinions. Minimal editing for typos is done for interviews and adjustments are limited to maintain the voice of the creators. All video and audio editing is done for clarity and comfort, with no intention of altering the creator's statements.

Note, my pronouns are they/he and I use masculine identifiers (Mr., sir, dude, etc.).

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