My Work

Secretly, I write fiction, design games, and edit words! When I do these things, I try to keep them regularly updated on my LinkedIn, but here's a list of them as well. I do have formal education, but it's relevant to business and organizational leadership, and can be viewed on my LinkedIn as well. if you're interested in hiring me, click here.


Writer and Designer

Fate of the Remnants                                             November 2015-Present
Developer and writer for non-player characters and some background fiction.

Baby Bestiary, Volume 2                                                             2015-2016
Fiction writing for a fiction and content supplement for tabletop roleplaying games.

Bubblegumshoe                                                             Published June 2016
Writing support for drifts.

Queer Gaymes                                                                                June 2016
Disability and Queerness in Games essay.

The Name of God                                                                       March 2016
Designed and wrote cards (fetishes) for Kickstarter stretch goals.

Indie Mixtape Series                                                                             2015
Contributed small game to the Indie Mixtape collection.

Sound of Water, World of Dew Companion                          March 2015
Fiction writing for the tabletop roleplaying game World of Dew supplement, Sound of Water, specifically fiction and mechanics for Whispers of the Fox Woman.

Baby Bestiary, Volume 1                                                         January 2015
Fiction writing for a fiction and content supplement for tabletop roleplaying games.

Demon: Interface                                                                    October 2014
Wrote fiction and designed mechanics for the Demon: Interface story Time to Go.

Firefly: Smugglers Guide                                                          March 2014
Design of Reputation mechanic and Crewmember archetypes, as well as archetype flavor text. Released February 2015.

The Fate Codex - Life Locked                                                January 2014
Short story for The Fate Codex: Life Locked.

FASA Games 1879 Line                            November 2013 – January 2014
Fiction and flavor text, as well as development of character types, for the 1879 line.

No Country for Old Kobolds                                                   March 2015
Wrote & designed creatures for the No Country for Old Kobolds’ Guide to the Myriad Peoples of the Orbs, or an Observational Journal of Wondrous and Strange Peoples, or My Wandering Life and Friends.


Editor and Proofreader

Fate of the Remnants                                             November 2015-Present
Serving as long-term editorial and developmental editor for the Fate of the Remnants roleplaying game project.

Worlds Without Master                                                           2013-Present
Proofread and reviewed stories and games for Worlds Without Master by Epidiah Ravachol.

Viewscream 2nd Edition                                                               April 2016
Acted as the editor for Viewscream 2nd Edition with Rafael Chandler.

Lusus Naturae                                                                            March 2015
Acted as the editor for Lusus Naturae with Rafael Chandler.

World of the Lost                                                                       March 2015
Acted as editor and proofreader for World of the Lost by Rafael Chandler, a supplement to Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Rogue Comet (formerly RPG Society)                                    2013 – 2014
Acted as an editor for RPG products for the RPG society on a periodic contracting basis.

The Last Candle                                                                    February 2013
Responsible for copy editing and proofreading The Last Candle adventure module.


Interviewer & Photography/Videography

Diversity & the Tabletop Roleplaying Community          February 2013
Acted as second interviewer and second videographer for ethnography.



Gattaibushido:FUSION! Mecha Pilot RPG Kickstarter Voicework         September 2016
Provided voicework for Kickstarter video, recorded samples for Nnedi, Bee, Layali, Miho, and Misty. 


Dialogue & SSML

SARA Virtual Personal Assistant for Carnegie Mellon University          February 2013
Wrote dialogue for virtual personal assistant. Improved text-to-speech for virtual personal assistant by revising SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language).



Lovecraftesque                                                                                                        July 2016
Acted as mental health consultant in regards to how mental health is handled in the Lovecraftesque tabletop RPG.