Rates subject to change or negotiation. Adjusted from here. 

If you would like to hire me, email here with the type of work and name of your project in the subject line.

Game Design: Contact for details, dependent on project complexity.
Game Design Consulting: $40/hour.
Leadership Consulting: $50/hour.
Diversity Consulting: $40/hour.
(Queerness, disability/chronic pain, gender identity, mental illness.)

Proofreading: $0.02-$0.03/word.
Copyediting: $0.03-$0.04/word.
Developmental and Technical Editing: $0.04-$0.05/word.
Translated text and short deadlines may have adjustments.

Fiction, Setting, & Narrative Writing: $0.05+/word.
Technical Writing: $20.00+/hour.
Training Writing: $20.00+/hour.

Presentation Development: $20.00+/hour.
Logo & Branding: Contact for details.
Layout: $30/hour.

Voicework: Contact for details.

Work requires contract in hand.

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