I host most of my current files on DriveThruRPG or on my Google Drive, which I'm working on fixing. In the meantime, here's where to find my current games.

For my main work in progress, Turn, which is currently on Kickstarter! Find blog posts about it here!

You can check out my personal work hosted on the blog currently using this tag: briecs original.

I also have some work on the Daedalum Analog Productions site, including my Monsterhearts skins and Clash, one of my first games.

Here are links to my various personal projects, free or funded (mostly going newest to oldest, with some exceptions):

Turn: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game

How to Take a Selfie (Created for Kate Bullock, hosted here until her self-care product goes live mid-2019, after which you can find it there)

Let Me Take a Selfie (DriveThruRPG) (also on briecs.itch.io)

Of the Woods: Lonely Games of Imagination (DriveThruRPG)

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