I am a designer, journalist, and editor for indie tabletop roleplaying games.  My projects include the Let Me Take a Selfie and Of the Woods: Lonely Games of Imagination game collections, Firefly RPG: Smuggler's Guide, Baby Bestiary Volume 1 & 2, Lusus Naturae (editor), and my continuing interview series, Five or So Questions on Thoughty. My official Twitter account for Thoughty is ThoughtyGames and for Leading with Class, my show where I teach leadership through games, is LeadingwClass.

I am an advocate for socially progressive games and representation, and can be easily found on Google+ as +BrieSheldon, Twitter as Brie_Beau, and Mastadon as @briecs.  You can also check out my game production company's site, Daedalum AP.

I also write horror, erotica, and horror erotica at thatlittleitch, which has a Patreon as well. I record stories on thatlittleitch, podcasts on Thoughty, and I also do voicework if you're ever looking for someone. I'm a photographer, typically working with a Pentax K-01 and a variety of old and new lenses.

I am a nonbinary-masculine genderfluid person and I'm queer and polyamorous, so these things may bleed into my discussions about my background, experiences, and design. I hope you'll find benefit in that! For reference, my pronouns are they/he and I use masculine identifiers (Mr., sir, dude, etc.). I also go by Beau.

If you need to contact me, email me! It's the best method to reach me.

A huge reminder that this blog is in large part funded by the Patreon community supporting me. I also have a PayPal tip jar. I appreciate the support, and every dollar makes it easier for me to continue blogging. Thanks to my supporters, and if you aren't one, I hope you soon become one!

If you look at this post and you're amazed by the fact that I'm pointing out where you can spend money on things, that's right! I believe in paying people for their creations, and that includes blog posts, games, and many other things. Supporting my friends and fellow creators helps the hobbies I participate in thrive and grow, and money is a necessary part of that. Join us, so we can continue to make more awesome stuff. Do the thing!

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