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12 RPGs for the 12th Month - Day 1

(Image includes a list of  questions for 12 RPGs for the 12th Month)
These questions set up by Paul Mitchener (sourced from a private post) are pretty cool and I'm hoping I can keep up with them over the next few weeks.

The first question is:

"You're running an RPG to introduce new players to the RPG hobby this month. Which game and genre do you choose, and why?"

To be honest, I'd poll the players for their preference in genre and level of complexity. If you have someone who prefers Shadowrun level of complexity in rules to Archipelago, they might be super bored, and the opposite might be super frustrated. My go to intro games, though, were I to GM:

Personal favorite:
Turn because the rules aren't super complicated, it's mostly real life stuff, and it's also shown to be very fun.

The Quiet Year because it is easily understood and manages to produce a rich experience every time.

Shadowrun: Anarchy would be my top option here, but with my personal house rules. I'd have to brush up on the rules but it's got some great shadowruns included, the rules aren't wildly confusing, and it's super thematic with a fun setting.

(My reviews: &

Cosmic Horror:
Lovecraftesque has a really interesting storytelling/roleplaying structure with the way you tell one character's story, and it can be super spooky.

(My interview:

Bluebeard's Bride is one of the scariest, most fascinating games I've ever played. Feminine horror is not only interesting but a learning experience for everyone at the table. This would be the "heavy" option for a safe game group.

(My interview:

Dread would be the option for people I'm less familiar with, or for a lighter game. It always has a good record of fun and startling for me, and there's such suspense!

Urban Fantasy:
Urban Shadows is fun, and it has a lot of interesting bits and pieces in it. It's one of my favorite games to play with new people because while you can go deep and dark with it, you can also stay in a safe place and still have a great time.

My interview:

Companion's Tale is a really lovely game telling experiences of the companions of a hero. I honestly don't think I've played through a game but I know it's mechanics are easily understood enough that it would be a gorgeous way to learn a new game together! (preorders)

My interview:

Archipelago in any of its forms would be an awesome way to just let people have a low-mechanics, high-roleplay experience and go all out with whatever setting we want. Definitely a good option.

So that's my options! :) Feel free to join in responding on your blog or social media or respond in the comments!

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