Sunday, June 18, 2017

Turn RPG Beta Playtest - Updated November 18 2017

Hi all!

While I'm doing active playtests on my own, I wanted to share the beta document I've prepared for Turn. It will be updated as the main private document is updated, but has quite a bit of information together now! If you read or play it, please let me know and share any of your feedback via

photo by John W. Sheldon
What is Turn?

Turn is a story-based roleplaying game about shapeshifters in small towns who must try to go through life balancing the needs of their Human and Beast identities, while pursuing the goals that will make them happy and content. The game is primarily focused on social interaction and storytelling. The mechanics are d6 dice-based and have structured actions using low-number ability penalties and bonuses. Turn may approach some difficult emotional experiences and it’s advised to be used with the Script Change content tool, included at the end of this document.
Click here for the document!

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