Friday, July 14, 2017

Six Tweet RPG: Place of Purpose

I gave writing a game in six tweets a shot yesterday. It's below!


Place of Purpose

Take a coin, paper, pen. Write words & numbers, 1-5: fight, cry, love, sleep, run. Write again 6-10: need, want, hate, ache, hurt.

Write a name, job, home, purpose. Answer: Old or young? Strong or weak? Alive or dead? Alone or together? Interpret as desired.

Draw a map, simple’s fine. Mark home, mark place of purpose. Line from one to the other & mark four risks. You name the challenge.

Write your story from risk to risk. Who do you meet? Name them. Why are they there? Write this. At each risk, flip the coin twice.

The path from risk to risk is yours, but the coin chooses one each 1-5 & 6-10, & tells you what you encounter. Write how you fail.

You continue after failure to your place of purpose. When you arrive, flip the coin twice. Write how your purpose is fulfilled.

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