Friday, July 14, 2017

Throwback Game: Walk With Me

I wrote this on G+ a long while ago and it was talked about on The Gauntlet. Just wanted to have it for posterity or whatever.


Walk With Me

2 person apocalyptic RPG set in isolation

It is dark. You have no one else. You have nowhere to go. It is cold. There is little food, and there are predators at every turn. Beastly monsters have taken your home, so you must leave your sanctuary to find food and find a new shelter. If you don't find food soon, you will need to make a choice. Your path is perilous. You start to walk.

Both players start with six dice, representing your soul and your life.

You roll dice every time you need to survive.

Every time you feel lonely or afraid you steal one of the other people's dice.

Whoever has no dice first is the one that kills the other. Their dice are restored to full, and they can find a new companion.

The walk never ends.

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