Saturday, May 20, 2017

Playtesters Needed: Turn and Armored Reckoning

Hi all!

I'm seeking online playtesters for my current project, Turn! I'm also soliciting playtesters for John Sheldon's game, Armored Reckoning! Details below!


Turn Summer Online Playtest: Seeking 3-4 players (Respond by 5/31)

Turn tells the story of shapeshifters in small towns struggling to balance their human and beast needs and desires. It is a narrative story game with mechanics focused on social interaction and story development. This online playtest is intended to be a 4-8 session campaign with regular feedback provided.

Player preferences:
Experience with narrative story games (in the style of PbtA, Fate, Archipelago)
Interest in supernatural stories and legends
Comfort with emotional, tight-knit social storylines
Willingness to commit to a code of behavior for the game
Willingness to provide clear, considerate feedback on game mechanics and interpretation
Reliable availability for dates noted below

Online Tuesday or Wednesday nights Eastern
Starting 5pm or later, ending no later than 10:00pm
Sessions no shorter than 2.5 hrs

Sessions will be rescheduled only if there are fewer than 2 players available (GM + 2 players = game on.)
APPLY HERE by May 31, 2017

Armored Reckoning Online Playtest (Respond by 5/31)

World War II hasn't worked out the way the Allies planned. In a deadly and inexplicable Second Blitz, German tanks have overrun Allied lines. Nazis now threaten Paris, Rome, and Warsaw with renewed occupation. Your company of soldiers and freedom fighters, trapped behind enemy lines with barely-operational light tanks, may be the last hope for the war effort.

Work with your teammates in this GM-less roleplaying game to wreak havoc behind German lines. Uncover the source of their renewed military might, and put a stop to it. Alternate between tense engagements using a card-based tactical system and narrative downtime scenes, where characters and conflicts take center stage.

2 to 5 players, 4 to 6 online sessions (each 2 to 4 hours)

Preferred nights are Wednesday or Thursday, starting after 7pm Eastern, online

Email by May 31, 2017 if interested.

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