Friday, July 20, 2018

Five or So Questions on Tiny Supers

Hi all! Today I have an interview with Alan Bahr on Tiny Supers: Minimalist Superhero Roleplaying, a game currently on Kickstarter! Tiny Supers sounds like big fun in a small design space, so I asked Alan some questions. Check out Alan's responses below!


A masked black woman superhero in a leather jacket and gloves over plain clothes, deflecting bullets while protecting a frightened white man with glasses.
Bastion, one of the GallantVerse Iconics! Art by Nicolás Giacondino

Tell me a little about Tiny Supers! What excites you about it?

Oh, that's hard to answer. I grew up loving Superheroes. I've struggled with mental illness for a very large part of my life, and comics were a big part of that recovery and healing process for me. I'm a person who needs a goal and aspiration, and superheroes provide that to me. Tiny Supers and the GallantVerse are my love letter to one of the most formative parts of my life.

How do the narrative bangs and pows of Supers integrate with the mechanics of TinyD6? What have you done to create the heroic "feel"?

Well, Narratively, the powers in Tiny Supers aren't focused on "ranks" or who is stronger. It's focused on the needs of the narrative. Much like comic powers vary based on the writer, Tiny Supers has some "flex" inside it's system, due to it's nature of a minimalist game line. We've worked extensively to make sure powers are flexible, interesting, and dynamic. 

A superhero in a blue metallic armor suit, racing fast and leaving clouds of dust.
Ryker Swift, aka Velocity! One of the Iconic GallantVerse Heroes. Art by Nicolás Giacondino

What is the GallantVerse like? Who are some of the major players and what's at stake?

Well, the GallantVerse is a fledging supers universe. Most of the supers are under 5 years of tenure. A majority of the lead-in stakes revolve around heroes learning the limits of what being a hero means in the eyes of the public and their own conscience. It focuses on hope, optimisim, and being a beacon. There's a lot that can feel oppressive, cynical and bitter, and while we shouldn't avoid confronting the harsh and hard things in life, having a place to escape where it's a little easier to be a hero can be fantastic. That's the Goal of the GallantVerse. We have a slew of Iconic Heroes like Gallant (our Paragon), Velocity (a Speedster), Bastion (the leader of our teen hero team The Bulwarks), and so much more. 

What does a typical Super look like in Tiny Supers, mechanically?

TinyD6 functions on a simple system of 1, 2, or 3 six-sided dice. Heroes will roll a number indicated by their abilities/powers and if any dice results in a 5 or 6, they're successful. Power Traits often will increase chances of success, either by granting the third d6, giving a better range of success, or allowing a unique set of actions. Heroes will have an Archetype that gives them a special Trait, and then they'll select 3-6 Traits/Power Traits. That's it! It's very easy to make a character. 

What makes a Tiny Super look the most different from a character in another Tiny d6 game?

The Power Traits, and Nicolas Giacondino's fantastic art! Our book is so beautifully illustrated because Nic does such great work.

A woman superhero with a G on her chest, styled in purple and grey with shoulder-length light brown hair.
The Iconic Hero and paragon of the GallantVerse, Gallant! Art by Nicolas Giacondino


Thanks so much to Alan for the interview! I hope you all enjoyed it and that you'll check out Tiny Supers on Kickstarter today!

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