Wednesday, March 21, 2018

You Can Talk All You Want

On the subject of Cartel and the disclaimer I put on the interview:

I was enforcing my blog policies. I have a private policy that if I receive a complaint about a post and its not blatant trolling, I  post a disclaimer with what happened. I've done it before. It's never caused a mess before. But hey! You know my secret! I have policies I enforce!

Here's the thing I want to be clear.

I am not saying whether someone is the right person to write anything, but I do think that people it impacts deserve to be heard. I am not saying whether a game should be made, but I do think it's worthwhile to consider the perspectives of the people affected by the game if they are alive and accessible. 

I repeatedly say that we should ask ourselves whose stories we tell, and I've talked about changing games entirely to reduce negative impact when considering social issues. I have absolutely asked whether a game is a net positive. I have asked people to explain how their perspective adds value to the product they're making, and whether they have considered others' experiences. I ask that we look at what we're doing and why we do it. I don't think that's unreasonable, considering how people claim games are so important and impactful and useful for education. 

I have not, however, led harassment campaigns, led my actions with the intent of causing financial or social harm to someone, or bombarded people significantly enough to cause them panic attacks and fear - that I know of. I have not told anyone they're not valid, or said anyone should absolutely do or not do anything. If I have and don't remember, I'm really fucking sorry. I am trying to be better. 

I have no intention to cause harm or upset to anyone involved with this, and that includes anyone who objected to the development of the game.

I'm not saying anyone involved in this has done or is doing these things. I'm just responding to some of the accusations flung my way. I wasn't given any time to investigate what has been brought up before the messages started flying.

When someone says to me that something being created offends or distresses them for a reason I find valid (and yes, "I find the depiction of a current violent and active conflict that is immediately relevant to me offensive" is a reason I consider valid), or if it is relevant to an ethical issue or something similar, I will put up a disclaimer. I notify the designer if appropriate, and investigate what I can to see if it's a deeper issue.

There we go. Final notes:

- I have no responsibility to host debates on my blog.
- I have no intention to ever reveal the identity of a reporting party or to demand that they justify their position. 
- I will continue my policy.
- I will not receive further messages about this with anything further than an archive button.
- I will not be investigating further because the information I found during the multi-platform messaging and searching has resulted in my decision to leave the post as-is.


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