Thursday, April 20, 2017

Off Target

An experience

8 people
Random props, 10 per player (smaller is good)
Prewritten lists of items.
Playlist of muzak, played in the background with random control of the volume. Include at least one song played twice in a row ("Call Me Maybe" is great for this).

Four players are the cognizant, and control the mind.
Four players are the present, and control the body.

Players are people shopping at a Target [or equivalent shopping venue] for five things on their list. Each character will experience the dissociation of their mind from their body. When the parts of the character separate, the players will risk failure.

There are ten things in the store as options to buy, and only five of them are on the characters' lists. Characters must buy exactly those five items. When they enter the store, cognizant players flip a coin. On a heads, the character buys the first item on their list. On a tails, they miss it. After flipping, the cognizant steps one step back, away from the present. They must verbally communicate to the present no matter how far away they are, or how many people are shouting.

As they travel through the store, the players should converse about their day (in character or out). As each character finds an item, the cognizant will flip the coin to see if they buy it and take a step back. The present will pick up the item if appropriate. If the coin is ever dropped, the present will drop an item at random.

Play continues for no more than 15 flips. At the end, the cognizant tears up the list entirely and throws it away. The cognizant and the present come together and look at the items, to see if they matched their list to their remembrance.

Even if they did, they have no means to confirm.

- end -

It's recommended to use the Script Change tools to ensure all players enjoy the game. It's highly recommended to have a Wrap Meeting to go over the events of the game and decompress.

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