Friday, September 2, 2016

Behrend Bernhard, Esq. Version 1 - A Performative Party Game

Hello All!

It's your friendly neighborhood Brie with a new game! This is, as with my previous games, a text-only version 1, so if I need to make edits I will do so and update the original file with a new version.

It's a performative party game* where you get together friends and play out a court scene where one player gets to play a larger performative role as the title character, Behrend Bernhard, Esquire, one plays a court reporter who handles record taking, tallying records, and so on, and the rest of the players are witnesses providing testimony. All of the players have a small chance to roleplay, while Behrend's character is the most active and asks questions of the witnesses. However, at the end, there's a chance that any of the players could have a final dramatic scene. Yes, there is a twist, but it's clearly detailed, and it is at the forefront that everyone is making up their stories. :)

I've been exploring player involvement and how much players want or need to participate in games, and at what level they're most comfortable, as well as how to integrate different levels of power or authority in a game. I've also been looking at how we can make lies and secrets public while still playing within the fiction we've concocted.

Here it is!

*Some might consider this a live action roleplay game, and in some ways it is, but I think it's a step away from that, personally, and you can argue about it if you want.

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