Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Shadowrun: Anarchy Preview First Thoughts

Got the Shadowrun: Anarchy preview book, shipped from Gen Con for me by the wonderful Adam Koebel!


1) This is the first game text in a damn long time I've sat down and read in a night, even including super short ones. I realize this is in part because I am a sucker for Shadowrun, but it also was easier reading than many have been, which is awesome.

2) I am guaranteed to pick this up in full form. I think it's doing some interesting stuff to encourage character-focused play while still maintaining some of the more dice-heavy mechanics I personally really enjoy.

3) 50/50 for gender representation in sample characters, and not all of them are white. I did note that the majority of the women characters featured in the art have cleavage, but it didn't bug me, tbh, because they weren't posed sexy or anything, really. I have always, always loved Shadowrun's art, and it's often been far more inclusive than people seem to realize. I really value visual representation, so this is super important to me.

4) There are some things missing! There is no indication about how many boxes there are in condition rows, number one. I might note some more stuff later.

5) There are literally zero women, from what I can tell, on the cover credits. This is, imo, a huge problem. I want to see more Shadowrun products with women working on them, and while I know there have been some (including Monica Valentinelli's work on Court of Shadows), seeing none on here really disappointed me. Get to work, Catalyst.

I'm planning on taking the tons and tons of pictures I took while reading tonight and doing into detail on my thoughts soon, but figured I'd share a first look. :)

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