Monday, February 3, 2014

My Three Things

John Adamus wrote about depression, and it really hit me. Content warning for talk about self-harm, suicide, and depression/mental illness.

My three things? They change sometimes. But here's the now. They're a little similar to John's, so my bad! But still.

Gaming. I really enjoy the community and the experience that surrounds and is gaming. I don't think I could give up gaming even if I wanted to, it's become such a huge part of me. I like making games, I like playing them, I like talking about them and reading about them. Games are a whole world for me.

Food. I love eating food. I don't make it a lot (lack of energy, etc.) but when I do it's normally fantastic. I really dig getting something new and interesting and trying it out, going out to expensive restaurants for the whole experience - food is life. It's happiness. It's sustenance. It never leaves me feeling lonely or judged or hungry.

Sex. This is kind of inappropriate or TMI or whatever, but I love sex. I love learning about it. I love reading Oh Joy, Sex Toy! I think toys and kink are awesome even if I don't use them or participate in it. I love having sex, and talking about sex, and hearing stories about sex. I even like saying "sex!" It's an expression of love, it's fun, it's a way to share intimacy, and it's just emotion translated into physical action, and that's awesome.

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  1. I don't know what my 3 things would be but not gaming and not sex. I even didn't like telling people when I was pregnant because then they'd know I had sex.