Friday, February 24, 2017

Town Beginnings in Turn

So +John W. Sheldon wrote a little about the Town Building rules* for my shapeshifter game, Turn, which I discussed recently. I wanted to include a brief rundown and some pictures of a sample town I built today! The pics are a little rough because they're on a glass table with dry erase, but eh. Anyway!

The start of the town is this:
  • The name
  • The type of town (there's a list to choose from)
  • The population
  • The square miles of the town proper
Each town type comes with some themes, like tradition or poverty or something like that. Starting out from the town center, you can add themes, locations, events, and bloodlines. From those, you can add further locations, bloodlines, and events.

In the pictures, you'll see I built the following town:

Pop. 2000
Sq. Mi. 3

(You can tell it's a low population town but it's waaaay spread out.)

The options for themes for industrial towns include (but aren't limited to) poverty, resentment, wealth, tradition, and waste. I added those!

I attached some locations, too, like the Mill, and Main Street, and from resentment, the Church.

Then I added the bloodlines, which are the families in the town, like the Blakes (tied to the Church), the Coopers (tied to Poverty), Tuckers (tied to Main St.), Westins (tied to the Mill), and the Lewis family (tied to wealth). These don't all have to connect, but I did it for fun. 

Now there's a whole town! It doesn't represent locations, but you can see how different things might fit together and where trouble might start.

Hope you enjoy this glimpse!

*He's written more posts, too!

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