Monday, February 20, 2017

Creators in Need

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I recently posted on Google+ asking that game-related creators in hardship respond to my post with their various product sales pages or portfolios. I got quite a few responses, which is both great (lots of people to share about!) and bad (lots of hardship!).

I didn't ask people why they needed help, but did say if they wanted to include information they could provide it. Please don't judge people for not providing reasoning, or assume there is none. Some of us keep our hurts private. There is no particular order except those who responded first.

If you like the work of any of the people who I've shared information about below, and you have some money to spare, please take some time to support them! 

I will note: this is extremely guy heavy. If you are frustrated I did not include enough women and NB people in hardship, please keep in mind that I am not scouring the internet for these things. I need people to self identify their work and their needs for everything I do on this blog. I try to keep an eye out, but there is only so much I can do. I may be doing this on a more regular basis, so please look out for the next post. Also feel free to reshare this with your own links!


Josh T. Jordan - Ginger Goat Games, Freelance
Josh is trying to pay off medical bills for family (wife and kids).
DriveThru RPG

Tod Foley - Project Ubi
Tod Foley wants to hire artists for UbiquiCity.

Craig Judd - Editor, Layout Artist, Graphic Designer, Manga Artist
Craig is working to meet needs and pay bills.
Portfolio Site

Brandon Williams - Arcanum Syndicate (Creator of Demon Gate)
Brandon is looking for collaboration as well as to bring in more talent for projects.
Arcanum Syndicate site

Michael McKensie - Graphic Artist
Michael is looking to move to games and graphic arts full time.
Portfolio Site

Lissi Leuterio - Animator, Storyboard Artist, and Illustrator (primarily 2D FX + boards)
Lissi is currently job hunting, and doing sporadic commissions work.

Tom McGrenery - Writer and Editor
Tom notes "bills to pay and mouths to feed." 
Portfolio Site

Max "Drunken Dwarf" Havic - Writer, Designer (Galaxy Incorporated)
Max has an upcoming Kickstarter.
DriveThru RPG

Chris Kentlea - RPG-Related Designer
Chris notes "always in need of a little help."

David Schirduan - Game Designer 
David is looking to catch up on medical bills.
Schirduans Site
If you enjoy David's free work, please send a thank you or PayPal what you'd like to

Mad Martian One - Game Design (Ice Kingdoms)
Mad Martian are releasing content for Ice Kingdoms and looking to raise awareness. 
DriveThru RPG

Ashton McAllan - Game Designer (The Republic)
Ashton's using games as supplemental income and to support an out of work partner.
The Republic Site
DMs Guild

Moses Wildermuth - Editor, Creator (Gold & Glory, Ice Kingdoms, Mutazoids)
Moses has experienced a reduction in the income that allowed design work on the side.

David Berg - Game Designer (Within My Clutches)
David is looking for financial support during some life stresses.
Shrike Design

Gennifer Bone - Artist
Gennifer is moving and aiming to reduce debts. 


Thank you to everyone who has read, and to those who shared their needs! Speaking up is a hard thing to do, but a good one. I hope you all have the opportunity to check out the sites and projects above, and enjoy what you find - and support the creators while you do!

Please share this widely! 

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