Friday, August 3, 2018

Last 46 Hours: Behind the Masc

This is the last 46 hours for the game zine I'm curating and contributing to, Behind the Masc, which is currently on Kickstarter. I wanted to write a quick post to remind everyone!

Behind the Masc is a collaborative effort with a team of great creators: Eli Eaton, Patrick Lickman, Raiden Otto, Adrian Heise, Lemmo Pew, Alex McConnaughey, Lawrence Gullo, and Tracy Barnett. They're all making something new and original for this project! And they're all non-cisgender masculine people like me, across the spectrum.

To my knowledge, Behind the Masc is a first of its kind as a crowdfunding project in indie games focusing specifically on our goal of reenvisioning masculinity - especially one by entirely non-cisgender creators. We're using historical and mythological archetypes to show our perspective on masculinity and do so while making cool game products that work with existing games like the Demi and Minotaur skins for Monsterhearts 2, the Apocalypse World Trickster playbook, and the D&D 5th Edition male Baccae character background and Sorcerer recreation.

We'll also have standalone products with a Twine game about the protector and my audio-text game, Echoes, about the hero. It means a lot to me. Last night, I wrote the first draft of the text for Echoes and I'm really excited to make this game!

My only stretch goal for this project is a higher pay rate for the contributors at $3000. We're not trending toward that on Kicktraq, but we've raised those numbers a bunch throughout this campaign! We can work toward it, with your help!

Behind the Masc is new, and niche, and I knew that going into this project. We're a collection of creators that make cool things but might not otherwise be noticed - and that's part of the point. I would love to see more people back the project and potentially raise the pay for the contributors, but I will say now that I'm grateful we've come so far, that we've funded, and that the community has shown enthusiasm for the project!

Please back the project on Kickstarter if you're interested, or share it on social media if you've already backed/can't back! Tell your friends and colleagues about it, post it to message boards and raise awareness! We have less than two days to raise funds, and I'd love you to have a copy in your hands when we fulfill. Thank you!!

Hear me talk about Behind the Masc:

Modifier Podcast
The Lounge
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