Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Approachable Theory: Coming Friday!

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Hi all, I have a new series (only a few coming up so far, but it's here) called approachable theory that's going to focus on writing posts about game theory, design, and similar topics in a tone that's approachable for new gamers, non-academics, and designers who are getting their start. I'm going to try to do some of my own once I get done with grad school, but in the meantime, I'm hiring other writers!

The criteria I have for the posts are that they're under 2000 words, hopefully under 1500, and I have to be able to read them without using Google more than 3 times. Youns know I have trouble reading research at times due to its dense text and unfamiliar terminology, and I wanted theory posts that I could learn from on my worst days.

To pay the writers, I'm going to be using the payout from each post, and pay any remaining funds personally to ensure they're paid $0.05/word, which is just the best I can do right now - and hopefully you will all consider it a valid rate. I'm still taking pitches for it, and I'd love to get more diverse writers on the schedule over the summer.

Coming up first will be Jacob Kellogg, who has a game on Kickstarter right now called Journey Away. Jacob's writing about complexity in game design, and I'm really looking forward to you all seeing the post!

All I ask is for you all to join me in treating the series with respect. Please don't interrogate the writers about "what a game is" or if the subject is "really theory" – that's antithetical to this series. Remember, also, that not everyone has a well-educated, well-read background and that some people were born well after the original D&D could drive. If you find that something is legitimately factually incorrect or ethically problematic, please do raise the question. Just don't be a jerk, and be enthusiastic for the material.

Thank you all! Looking forward to another series of posts and hoping it makes game design and games more...approachable.


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