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12 RPGs for the 12th Month - Day 2

These are actually questions not days but I like day so whatever.

(Image includes a list of 12 questions for 12 RPGs for the 12th month.)

Following my previous post about the meme where I answered question 1, here's my response to question 2.
"Which genre tropes that come up in an RPG of your choice do you love, and never get tired of? Why do you love them?"
One of my favorite RPGs is Shadowrun (3rd Edition), and a few of the tropes that happen in SR3 that I love are the dramatic hyper-action scenes, the shifting of perspectives between a focused decker or rigger and the combat- and magic-aligned characters, and the resistance.

The first is just fun as hell. I have played a few characters who were into hyper-action, hyper-violent style play and they were fun as hell. One was an elf archer who had some body mods to inject combat drugs into his system (He was modeled on Iggy Pop for looks, and named after a coworker, Sorin). He survived a force 6 fireball without even using all of his drugs (though just barely), jumped between two skyscrapers to grab on with his gecko grip and continue fighting, blew up an entire compound (and the plot) with the grenade gun the GM unwisely allowed him to obtain, and avoided death somehow - in part because I forgot to calculate in his armor, and then we realized he had survived. :) I also had a phys adept satyr who had a gaes of dancing to use her adept powers, and she dual wielded Dikote vibro swords. She jumped through a window before every fight. I'm serious. She also had a tendency to decapitate people... a lot.

The second sometimes requires a specific set of people, but I love when the GM and table can do shifted perspectives between a decker or rigger who's plugged into the matrix doing combat or hacking or whatever, then swap out into the hallway or the courtyard where there's like a fucking armored troll shooting a machine gun at guards and a dwarf shooting fireballs at everyone else and everyone's freaking out about timing because they gotta get out of here to make the drop.

And the last is the general theme of resistance. Not all SR3 games I've seen go towards actually fighting the good fight, but I love when they do. My satyr character up there, she actually ended up setting up an underground railroad-like situation to protect ghouls who were being rounded up and killed by local megacorp police. We helped recover a church that had been attacked and protect the parishioners. We took down a bunch of corrupt police, corp, and government people in various games, too - always fighting to protect the ones who needed it. That's something that matters to me.

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