Monday, October 23, 2017

Five or So Questions with Glenn Given on Slash 2: Thirst Blood

Today I have an interview with Glenn Given from Games By Playdate about the new game, Slash 2: Thirst Blood. Slash 2 is the sequel to Slash: Romance Without Boundaries, a card game about shipping - the fandom kind - and is a really fun and exciting game! Check out Glenn's responses below.


Tell me a little about Slash 2: Thirst Blood. What excites you about it?

Slash 2 is a standalone sequel to Slash: Romance Without Boundaries. It is a fan fiction shipping party game where players compete to create their favorite One True Pairing while swapping stories and micro-fictions. The thing that excites me the me the most about Slash 2 is the opportunity to incorporate everything we have learned since we began making games (the Original Slash was our very first project). We have researched hundreds of new fandoms and used player feedback and fan communities to better balance our characters while maintaining diversity and accessibility. I am also terribly excited to introduce remix game modes to Slash. We have had loads of fans telling us how they play and they have been some of the most creative and rewarding contributions so we are sharing those with the players as best we can.

Tell me about the different modes of Slash 2: Thirst Blood. What did you do to develop them? Which were the most challenging to codify?

We looked at what other games were popular and said "you know what, I bet you can use Slash for that" and it turns out that works pretty well. Seriously though we took a look at the Board Game Remix Kit, at the litany of party games these days and at fan suggestions about new modes and ran with that. There are simple adaptations that don't require any further materials like using Slash for your game of Fishbowl. We've added a light RPG/larp that riffs off of Ghost Court to try and get more players into the storytelling side of the game and so forth. The most challenging thing was taking these game modes and really distilling them down to a few paragraphs or less of clear and inspirational rules. 

Glenn Given, potentially lurking.

What were some of your favorite new cards to add to the game?

Hands down my favorite new character is "Every Punch Thrown in the film The Raid."

What was different between this game development experience and the original game's development?

We were consciously developing this product. With the original it came out after a 3 day bender at PAX East from a rented house full of geeks. We drove from Boston back to my job at the time in NH and printed copies that evening to play at the con the next day. With Thirst Blood we took a look at what worked and at how the landscape of fandoms have grown, how fanfiction in general has evolved in just 3 and a half years, and built something directly for those people. The characters are a better reflection of the audiences rather than me just stuffing every Disney Afternoon character into the set.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when the game is out in the wild?

I am really excited to see people look at the new characters and to look at the new rules and have the realization that what they have enjoyed can be played in a completely different way. I hope that they will see that games like this aren't just rules ad cards but that they are toolkits for having a good time.
Obey your thirst, y'all.

Thanks so much to Glenn for the interview! Please check out the Kickstarter page for Slash 2: Thirst Blood and share with your friends!

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