Sunday, December 18, 2016

What Gender is Your GM?

I did a quick poll today on my G+ (a public post) about what gender your GM for your local/regular group is. The results were... ouch. I posted it around 2:00pm on 12/18 (today) and this is the current result:

I am kind of gobsmacked. I like to think my followers on G+ are pretty diverse, and many of them are! But it unfortunately seems like we still have a lot of men running games in comparison to women. There were a few clarifications in the comments (we have multiple GMs, but most are men, etc.), but for the most part: GMs are more often men. By a lot.

I will add a picture of the final results to this post after the poll ends (I think tomorrow). I just wanted to share it for awareness. There will be follow up post to this with more questions, and hopefully some ideas from my own perspective about this issue.

Do you think this is something we should keep working to change? 

(Note: Some groups like Contessa have already been making strides for con games run by women, which is great!)

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