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What Makes a Good Player? with Emily Vitori

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Today I have an interview with Emily Vitori for the What Makes a Good Player? feature. I hope you enjoy it!


What do you try to do most often while playing games to enhance your experience and the experience of others?

When gaming with friends, I like to draw portraits of all of the characters in our group as a gift, and also to help us visualize our characters in our heads when we play them. I also usually take all of the game notes and at the end of the campaign I will turn them into a cohesive story and send copies of it to everyone involved.

This is the group portrait for our last Scion campaign (click) and the campaign itself turned into a story with more than 40 chapters (click).

Do you use any specific play techniques (narrative tools, improv tools, etc.) in your play sessions?

Hmmn... I'll sometimes draw some of the scenes we've acted out, and we always use miniatures and detailed maps whenever possible, but other than that... can't think of anything unique. I had one experience as a GM and realized I didn't have it in me to heard cats like that so I tend to just be a player in the group lol.

How often do you like to game, and what is most comfortable for you to maintain good energy in games?

When I was able to game face to face, it was one session a week usually. As we all get older and our schedules get busier, however, we've turned to play by post gaming online and it tends to be whenever people are available for a few minutes to make a post throughout the day. As long as the posts keep moving daily, the energy is maintained... but sometimes when someone doesn't keep up for a few days it can really but the brakes on a good campaign. 

What kind of games do you feel you are most comfortable with and enjoy the most?

I've played my share of fantasy and sci-fi game systems over the years and love Cyberpunk, but the one I am most comfortable with is the old tried and true D&D 3.5. The fantasy worlds of D&D have been a staple of my life since childhood, so every time I play it's like digging out your favorite book or watching your favorite TV show.

Can you share a special experience in a game where you felt like you did a good job playing your part in the overall story and game? 

Katya the Tiefling Alienist/Witch was with a group on the run from everything from Devils and Demons to Githyanki and we made our way to this incredibly out-of the way bar on the outskirts of Hell.

Katya had this fun trait where her alignment changed every morning (yay Alienist) and that day.... she was evil.

When we went to the bar, she used her Chameleon Ring to slip away from the group and went to each "restroom area" where she used her drawing skills to create a WANTED poster for the leader of their group. 

When she came back to the table she just sat and waited... and watched in barely concealed glee as everyone in the bar started looking at our table and the paranoia of the rest of the group grew exponentially because they really had no idea what I did (managed to IM my plan to the DM). >:D

Thanks so much to Emily for participating in the What Makes a Good Player? feature!

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