Thursday, February 4, 2016

Baby Bestiary - Behold, Products!

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In a new feature, hopefully to continue, I want to draw attention to products I have enjoyed or products I think look cool, or even just products I've worked on and loved (regardless of my level of involvement). One of those projects is the Baby Bestiary, which is currently Kickstarting its Volume 2, and for which I am signed up to write for both the Kraken and the Satyr so I'm really hoping to see it kick. In the meantime, let me tell you a little about it!

The Bestiary is a lore book, not really a book full of rules and charts, but instead instructions on how to care for baby beasts, their history, and their habits. When I wrote for the first volume, I wrote for the Minotaur Calf and the Hippocampus Fry. For the Minotaur Calf, we learned of the importance of the constellations for the Minotaurs, and about their diets and the risks of being a beast with horns in a world that loves trophies. The Hippocampus Fry discussed mating habits of the grown Hippocampi, and the difference between Hippocampi from different climates. The new volume will include even more exciting creatures, like Gargoyles!

The project team is amazing, too. I've had the opportunity to work with them before, and again I'm impressed by the creativity of the writers on the new creatures. Not only will the new volume include the Satyr and Kraken that I'm working on (which I am incredibly excited about!), but it will include Ben Woerner's (World of Dew) work on the Dragon Turtle, Gargoyle (seen above), Pertyon, and Enfield. There is also Elizabeth Chaipraditkul (WITCH) working on Lightning Lizards, Bugbears, and Orcs! The list of authors involved is incredible, and the art is fantastic.

Right now you can find the original Baby Bestiary, Volume 1 for sale on DriveThru RPG, and the Kickstarter for Baby Bestiary, Volume 2 (including a reprint of Volume 1) is still ongoing. Here's to hoping that the product gets funded so I can write more about little critters for all of you to enjoy!

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