Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Favorite Games Evar!

Title coined by Meguey Baker

I realized recently that I’ve been gaming for about 10 years! Like, wow. I know I’m still a n00b in comparison to many people out there, but that’s a pretty long time for me to keep up with any hobby. It’s so cool to realize I’ve been doing something for so long!

I asked G+ what I should blog about and Meguey suggested I write about my Favorite Games Evar! which I thought was a great idea. I neglected to ask whether she meant specific games or game systems, so here’s a little mix of both.

This is going to come as no shock to a lot of people, but one of my favorite games of all time is Shadowrun 3rd Edition. I haven’t played any of the other editions. I know the mechanics are kind of wonky and that it’s crunchy as all hell, but the gameworld is so rich and flavorful that I couldn’t help but love it. My first session of Shadowrun was one of the first tabletop games I ever played, and I only lasted 5 minutes in the session before my character was gunned down with poisoned syringes and killed. With probably any other game I might not have ever played again, because character death without meaning is one of my biggest turn-offs when it comes to games. But not Shadowrun! I have played MANY sessions of Shadowrun, multiple campaigns of varying length, and built tons of characters.

I don’t think I have a favorite Shadowrun game, but I have a lot of favorite characters. Enough to fill a different post, so we’ll wait on that!

This is kind of a confession here: I actually like Pathfinder. Not a ton of people are fans of it, because it’s kind of a remix of D&D 3.5, but I enjoyed playing 3.5 with houserules. Pathfinder fixed a lot of the rules so we didn’t have to houserule it as much anymore, plus I really like some of the world they have put together. It’s inclusive and exciting.

In 3.5, I played a game in a world my husband designed that we eventually ported over to the Pathfinder system. I played a half-giant woman who fought in tournaments, owned her own land the size of Alaska (that was filled with diamonds), and was a serious badass. I also got to build a bunch of the gameworld, which was super fun.

I’ve also discovered I really enjoy Monsterhearts. It’s kind of funny. Up until about last year or the year before, I was very no-sex-in-games, no-relationships-in-games, etc. A few sessions of Monsterhearts changed that pretty quickly. I’ve even made two skins for Monsterhearts . I have really pushed my boundaries as a player and as a person with the game, and I’d love to do more of it.

I’m playing a Rusalka in our current game, and it’s mega fun. This is only the second campaign I’ve been in. I really am enjoying the kind of sex-and-drama-filled mess of a high school we’re playing in!

Finally, Clash and Tabletop Blockbuster are my babies. Tabletop Blockbuster is fun as hell, a rocking good time. My favorite session of it? So far, the one I played as Ransom Bentley, who I’ve been writing a fair bit about. She’s a private eye in a supernatural world. Super fun. Clash I’ve only played a few times, but I love the system I’ve designed. Right now we’re playing the Mob against the Untouchables and it is badass. When the system is really showing off, the scenes are tight and filled with conflict and it’s exactly what I wanted out of the game.

What about you? What are your favorite games?

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