The word Turn in black and green with a vine growing out of the bottom of the T and curving over the text, with leaves budding, opening, withering, and being gone. Arching over it is a green half-circle with human footprints that slowly morph into animal footprints.

Turn is now live on Kickstarter!

Turn is a slice-of-life supernatural roleplaying game by Brie Sheldon set in the modern era. Players in Turn are shapeshifters in small, rural towns who must balance their human lives and habits with their beast needs and instincts in quiet drama. Their baser natures will challenge them as they strive towards goals from everyday tasks to life-changing experiences, and they will need to find comfort in one another to make it through without becoming stressed out.

Turn uses player discussion and a set of d6 rolls for resolution. There is no failure in Turn, but there are always consequences. Players use Script Change for content and safety.

The playtest document is located here

Download character sheets here.

You can read articles by Brie about Turn here.

Logo by John W. Sheldon Copyright 2018.

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